Rescue Horses



By adopting one of our horses or ponies you will be helping us to carry on our work and at the same time can develop a special relationship with your chosen horse or pony.


Once you have adopted your pony or horse you will receive a Certificate of Adoption and picture of the horse or pony you wish to adopt plus a description of how they arrived in the care of the Little Bramley Farm Horse Sanctuary.


If you'd like the adoption certificate to arrive on a certain date or any other specific requirements (i.e. for a birthday surprise), please enter it in the "Special Requests" box during of the order process and we'll do our best to make it happen!



  • Alfie

    Alfie came with his mother Eden another Yorkshire lass. He was a foal at foot to eden who was in foal to the beautiful Ruby. Alfie's trust in humans was not made easy by edens years of being feral on the moor .. She obviously taught him to be very wary When she gave birth to Ruby, the bond to humans grew. Very slow process but he is now a confident pony ready to progress

  • Biscuit

    Biscuit came to us at 6 mths and was in a terrible state and lame.
    Another untouched by humans and just taken away from his mum who unfortunately we were not able to take.
    He is four now and ready to begin his education

  • Arthur

    Arthur was purchased by Zoe's sister Rosie - hes been with our equine family for 5 years. Kindest horse you'd ever meet

  • Belle

    Belle is our newest addition .. Taken from a shed in the back garden of cruel owners. Ridden as a yearling .. But happy and a very sweet pony