Rescue Horses

We will be updating these pages very shortly with details of all the horses and ponies available for adoption.


By adopting one of our horses or ponies you will be helping us to carry on our work and at the same time can develop a special relationship with your chosen horse or pony.


Once you have adopted your pony or horse you will receive a Certificate of Adoption and picture of the horse or pony you wish to adopt plus a description of how they arrived in the care of the Little Bramley Farm Horse Sanctuary.


If you'd like the adoption certificate to arrive on a certain date or any other specific requirements (i.e. for a birthday surprise), please enter it in the "Special Requests" box during of the order process and we'll do our best to make it happen!


  • Angel

    Angel is a 12 year old mare who arrived in foal with Dexter Junior having had Shy Baby the previous year. As one of the oldest horses who arrived from Yorkshire, she was very wild and shy and although she has improved enormously and will come for food and to call, she still has issues with trust.

  • Chandler

    Chandler is a gelding who was castrated by the local gypsies in Yorkshire and was suffering a serious infection. This was so bad that our vet gave him less than 5 days to live. Chandler is a lovely, trusting and beautiful little horse, who befriended Archie who lost his mum Bella.

  • Dexter Junior

    Dexter Junior is the son of Angel and is now 2 years old. He's recently been gelded and has thrived since his arrival from Yorkshire. Unlike some of the other older ponies, his growth hasn't been stunted.

  • Archie

    Poor Archie lost his mum Bella just one month after he arrived from Yorkshire. Chandler both mothered and fathered him.