About Us


The Little Bramley Farm Horse Sanctuary was set up in 2005 years ago by two avid horsewomen, Pat Evans and Zoe McQuade.


Pat has been riding horses since she was 5 and is a British Horse Society accredited instructor and horse agility trainer and taught Zoe how to ride.


Despite owning their own horses, like Dexter who is now 29, Snuggles who is 11 and 13 year old Poppy, both Pat and Zoe saw horses suffering, some from overuse and over work by their stables and some from outright abuse.




Ziggy was their first rescue, who couldn't be ridden because he couldn't take a bit in his mouth and is now 28 years old, Izzy who was rescued from gypsies and Danny Boy, a 17 month old youngster who was going to be put down and is now a healthy 16 hands high 9 year old.


Pat and Zoe saw so many cases like Danny, Ziggy and Izzy that they decided to try and rescue them and start a pony and horse sanctuary.


In 2010, Pat and Zoe answered an advert to buy a foal from a semi wild Yorkshire herd and were so shocked by the condition of the emaciated, worm ridden animals; they ended up rescuing 9 animals.


Natural Horsemanship

Pat and Zoe's goal is to treat every horse as an individual and to ensure they are treated as well as humans and to try and stop cruelty and abuse to horses and ponies.


The Little Bramley Farm Horse sanctuary's philosophy is based on natural horsemanship, learning how they interact in the wild and should all be treated as equals.


The Little Bramley Farm Horse Sanctuary is now going through the process of becoming a registered charity